At the Gap Toledo, we serve addicts in crisis. We fill gaps in addiction treatment, mental health, and shelter services. We specialize in the void between the decision to get help and strategic placement into appropriate treatment. We do this by meeting addicts where they are, providing immediate shelter, and recovery triage.

We are located in Toledo, Ohio where the opiate epidemic is staggering, along with many other drugs circulating the streets.

The Gap isn’t so much a game changer as it is a game builder, being that no such service exists presently in the Toledo region.

Since we have many effective resources servicing the people of Toledo, we do not want to recreate the wheel. We would like to come alongside and partner with them to better support those suffering in addiction.

The Gap utilizes current and developing relationships with existing social service resources. The recovering addict is guided to us through participating agencies or personal circumstances. The Gap will sequester them, assess them, and quickly find placement in treatment, sober living, housing, etc. This greatly reduces the chance of overdose or suicide resulting in death, and also greatly reduces the chance for them to continue in their addiction, to be carelessly absorbed into the homeless population, or to cause undue stress on the hospital, court, and jail systems in our region.

We help everyone. You do not have to have insurance or even know what the next step is. We are here to guide and support you.

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Chris Everett, Founder of The Gap Toledo